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HEARTBREAK IS RED: The Valentiny Contest!

February 13, 2018


What better way to inaugurate my blog than with an entry for Susanna Leonard Hill's Valentiny contest


This is the contest's third year but it's my first time throwing my hat in the ring. Regardless of the outcome, it was a really fun inspiration to write a short-and-sweet story.


The story must be a Valentine's story appropriate for children (ages 12 and under) in which someone is hopeful, and must be 214 words or less.


So, without further ado, here's my hopeful entry, maxing out the word count:



214 words


“Roses are red

Violets are blue

I am in love

With beautiful you.


Daisies are yellow

Tulips are pink

You’re perfect for me

So what do you think?”




“Red like carnations 

Blue like the sky

Did you get my letter?

I got no reply.


Just to remind you,

I think you’re the best,

I wait for your answer,

Heart pounding in chest.”




“Lilies are orange,

Dahlias too,

I’m wondering why

I have not heard from you.


Ivy is green

Climbing above,

Perhaps you need time

To consider my love.”




“Poppies are purple,

Heartbreak is red -

Your silence is driving me

Mad in the head.


Silence is golden

Except when it’s not.

Grey is my love,

Forgotten, distraught!”




“Red is my sorrow!

Blue are my tears!

Black are the depths

Of my loneliest fears!


White are my letters

Unanswered, discarded!

My love, tossed aside,

My pleas, disregarded!


My sweetheart! My love!

Won’t you give me a chance!

One letter! One smile!

One moonlighted dance!”





“Roses are red

Violets are blue

I hear that you’ve been

Out of town, good for you.


You’ll notice your mailbox

Is just a bit full…

Forgive me if I 

Came across like a bull.


I hope you enjoyed

Your weekend away…

And Love, if I may,

Happy Valentine’s Day.”





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